Espro™ Press

The Espro™ Press helps you make a clean cup, with all of the delicate flavours and aromas that fully express your coffee. You will taste the coffee, and not the grounds. And the cup you drink tomorrow is as good as the cup you drink today.

It is robust enough for home, coffee shop and restaurant use.

Product Specifications

  • Table-serving size (European 10 cup, makes about 30 oz, or 3 to 4 North American mugs of coffee)
  • Double wall vacuum-insulated stainless vessel keeps brew temperature consistent, and keeps coffee warm for over an hour
  • Double filtered:
    • Primary filter 5-8 times finer than a standard French Press
    • Secondary filter 9-12 times finer than a standard French Press
  • Durable and easy to clean, home and industrial dishwasher safe
  • US and global patents pending


How it Works:

The Espro™ Press is a precision coffee brewer. It preserves all of the freshly brewed flavours and aromas by micro-filtering twice with a unique metal filter. This micro-filter keeps grounds out of your cup, and lets the aromatic oils in.

Step 1: Designed for Optimal Brewing

  • Extracts pure flavours by fully mixing grounds and water
  • Keeps temperature constant and hot with vacuum insulation

Step 2: Designed for Optimal Filtering

  • The first micro-filter (a) is vertical and reaches below the layer of grounds to the clean coffee - it also lets the aromatic oils seep through at the top
  • The second micro-filter (b) makes sure your coffee is very clean, so extraction doesn’t continue in your cup

Step 3: Designed for Optimal Enjoyment

  • Precision brewing preserves all of the freshly brewed flavours and aromas, so you can enjoy them again and again
  • The vacuum insulated double walls keep your coffee hot after brewing The buffer between the two filters greatly reduces extraction after brewing
Video Demonstration
You can check out the video here, or on the Tested Website